Artist Alessio DeIuliis

Alessio DeIuliis

“Since early childhood, I have had a love for art.  I always had a pencil in my hand and was the kid in school always doodling in my notebook. I loved to draw sharks and monsters or any scary image I could come up with. As a child, my dream was always to be an artist. I also grew up fishing the urban 3 rivers in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my dad. As I grew older, I started getting bored with traditional fishing and needed a new challenge, which led me to fly fishing and tying. It didn’t take long for me become immersed with the thrill of fishing for Steelhead and lake run brown trout, but I never gave up my love for fishing the local rivers.

I continued making art throughout high school and attended the George Washington Corcoran College of Art and Design were I received my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.  After graduation, I continued making art and doing photography for a few years but somewhere, somehow lost my drive.  Before I knew it, nearly 10 years had passed without touching a brush or a pencil, yet my love of fly fishing had caused me to follow amazing fish art from artists (many of them have featured here on MidCurrent) on social media. The more work I saw, the more inspired I became. I decided to attempt some pencil drawings and the moved on to charcoal. I finally got the courage to break out the oil paint, as it always was my preferred medium. It took a while to shake off the rust but it started to come back me.

The subject matter for my work has been a fun challenge. Every reference picture I’ve used is from a fish I caught!  If I want to paint it, FIRST I have to catch it (and get a good picture)!  It has been a great experience to be able to join my passions of art and fishing.”

Alessio DeIuliis Art