Winston’s Joan Wulff Instructional Videos

May 25, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

While waiting for the rivers to open, it’s time to shift from binge-watching for a few minutes to freshen up your casting skills and learn from perhaps the greatest tournament caster and fly casting instructor of all time: Joan Wulff. Joan suggests that you safely follow along with the butt section of your fly rod as you watch the movies.

Watch the 10-Part Series on the Winston Website

Celebrating the 7-year anniversary of “One on One with Joan Wulff” we believe there is no better time for anglers to brush up on their casting mechanics and techniques.

Progressing from important basic principles to advanced casting techniques, this 10-part streaming series was made for all anglers from beginners to experts. It is available free on the Winston website (click here).

Joan shares her secrets to becoming a successful fly caster for life. Movies 1-5 focus on basic casting techniques, including, roll casting, loop formation, timing, and other variables. Movies 6-10, focus on more advanced techniques like drift, false casting, double hauling, shooting line, and mastering the wind.

While you’re waiting to hit the water, take some time and brush up on your casting techniques – Joan’s instruction will make you a better caster, which, in turn, will provide more successful days on the water.