Tippets: Winter Edition of Tenkara Angler, Winter Redfishing

January 11, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • The winter 2017-2018 edition of The Tenkara Angler is now available to read freely online. “The ‘Winter’ issue of Tenkara Angler focuses on many off-water pursuits – with a fly tying feature, a tamo building DIY, a core conditioning workout, and reading recommendations.”
  • In this article Gordon Churchill, guide and author of Flyfishing the Southeast Coast, details some of the best strategies for chasing redfish in cold weather conditions. “Winter reds tend to school up in pretty nice-size groups. You won’t find any fish until you find all the fish. There will be lots of water with nothing in it, but then when you find the right spot, it will seem like they are all there.” Via Orvis.