Janell Fannin Announced as DUN Magazine’s Managing Editor

February 20, 2017 By: Erin Block

DUN Magazine has announced Janell Fannin will join their team as managing editor. This coincides with the online publication’s growth into the print market as well.

Read more in the press release below.

Janell Fannin Announced as DUN Magazine’s Managing Editor

Dover, Tenn – February 10, 2017

It is with excitement that DUN Magazine announces Janell Fannin as the Managing Editor at DUN Magazine. 

DUN Magazine will soon release its first print magazine and with the extreme growth we have been experiencing, the need for a Managing Editor became abundantly clear.  Our search for a Managing Editor led us to Janell Fannin, who comes to DUN with over 20 years experience in international logistics.  She brings with her project and team management experience as well as an ability to engage those around her.  A road warrior with a ridiculously quick wit, she sometimes finds the only time for fishing is through emails and articles.  At DUN, we saw a need for Janell’s pragmatic and slightly crazy methods of unending analysis.

“My passion is always about helping people succeed and accomplish their goals, always and in all ways.  I look forward to forging new partnerships with people within the industry; from DUN staff, to guides, suppliers, authors, anglers and all of our readership.  I genuinely appreciate people and am always looking for ways in which I can contribute to getting them to the next level.  I am confident DUN will provide me with countless opportunities, new friendships and an excuse to get out on the water more often than I would otherwise.”

Janell will be instrumental in the operational aspects of publication as well as overseeing initiatives from inception to execution.  She has a natural ability to pull a team together while maintaining efficiencies and focusing on development of people and products.  Janell’s analytical mindset investigates every angle under a detailed lens to anticipate when there is a need to change course or identify solutions when laying a roadmap.  Janell is constantly seeking opportunities for new partnerships, marketing opportunities, process improvements and all of the other behind-the-scenes necessities which will ultimately deliver the highest quality content to our ever-growing DUN readers.

Janell’s genuine desire to see others prosper within the industry drives her to offer creative solutions and opportunities which will benefit all parties involved.  Do not be surprised to hear from Janell, as her ability to engage with others is one of the reasons DUN Magazine is thrilled to have her.

Janell will be at the forefront of DUN print and instrumental in overseeing both the print and digital magazine’s management process.  We believe her experience and love of all things fly make her uniquely qualified and the perfect fit here at DUN.

Janell currently lives in Chicagoland, grows hops to give away, and steals raspberries off her neighbor’s bush by her own admission.

Thanks, Janell.  We are so excited to welcome you into the DUN Family and look forward to what the future brings!  To contact Janell:  [email protected]


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