Tippets: Nature of a Catch, Fishing Feeder Streams

October 29, 2016 By: Erin Block

  • Blaine Peetso writes a beautiful short essay on the momentary nature of a catch. “All of your attention on the fly as you retrieve it to the canoe. Your mind clear. And then . . . A violent flash of green and gold and the silence is broken.” Read more at The Borealist.
  • Fly fishing small streams at the end of the season can be tricky due to lower flows and higher temperatures. But Tom Rosenbauer has some great advice on tactics for finding trout in feeder streams, which are often cooler than main tributaries as well as lesser known. “So you get trout that have not been educated, that eat all day long, and are eager to smash any fly that looks edible.” Via Orvis.