Tippets: Interview with Conway Bowman, Satellite Technology for Conservation, Kids on the Water

October 23, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • Conway Bowman, based in San Diego, has become well-known for his guiding for mako sharks on the fly. He sits down to talk about everything from his TV show to favorite gear in a recent conversation with Bjorn Stromsness on Bonefish on the Brain.
  • Remote sensing satellites can be used for monitoring environmental concerns such as deforestation and drought. New research published in the journal Conservation Biology details how this technology can be used by conservationists and scientists. “To help facilitate conservation practitioner access to cutting edge solutions, we challenge the government, donor, NGO, and academic communities to use their collective financial and human capital more efficiently to solve the questions presented here,” write the authors.
  • Avid anglers and new parents Mike and Aimee Eaton share tips for getting out on the water with an infant in tow. From managing expectations to diaper bags and long-handled nets, read more via Raising Gus.