Umpqua Names Luke Wennik Marketing Manager

October 10, 2014 By: Erin Block

Umpqua Feather Merchants has announced the promotion of Luke Wennik to marketing manager. Wennik has been an instrumental member of the Umpqua team through the recent implementation of their new logo, packaging, and packs and bags line launch. “We’re fortunate to have someone with Luke’s experience and skills on our team,” says Umpqua President and CEO Jeff Fryhover.

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Umpqua Amps Up External Marketing Efforts, Names Luke Wennik Marketing Manager

LOUISVILLE, CO — Nearly two years ago, Umpqua launched a new logo that coincided with its key product category launch of award-winning packs, bags and vests. During the past two years, Umpqua has redesigned its entire line of packaging, the corporate Web site and most of its marketing collateral. With a significant portion of the internal brand infrastructure in place, Umpqua now looks to further extend the new identity into the retail and electronic marketplace and promote the Umpqua brand through several strategic channels.

New Umpqua Marketing Manager, Luke Wennik, conducting field research.

New Umpqua Marketing Manager, Luke Wennik, conducting field research.

A key part of this direction, Umpqua has promoted Luke Wennik to Marketing Manager — a new and expanded role at Umpqua in which Wennik will apply his twenty-plus years of marketing, retail and design experience to longer term and more strategic marketing, social media and public relations efforts. Prior to the development and launch of the new logo, Umpqua brought on Luke Wennik as the Creative Marketing Manager to produce a majority of the day-to-day marketing projects for the company. For the past three years, Wennik has been handling a multitude of creative tasks at Umpqua, including advertising, identity work, social media initiatives, web projects in addition to designing and copywriting the well-known 400+ page Umpqua Wholesale Catalog. He also played a key role in the development and deployment in the company’s new packaging system launched earlier this year.

“It is a rare thing when you get to align your professional career with something that you enjoy so much on a personal level. The fact that I get to do this with such a well respected and innovative brand with products and people I truly believe in makes it even more ideal.” — Luke Wennik, Marketing Manager, Umpqua Feather Merchants

Wennik attended Middlebury College and the Massachusetts College of Art, and has worked in a wide variety of settings from large creative agencies to in house corporate organizations. He has accumulated and applied his graphic design, art/creative direction and copy writing experience in many industries, working with a diverse list of clients that includes high tech giants like IBM, Cisco, SAP, Brookstone and Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Luke has an impressive background and portfolio of work covering so many different aspects of the marketing spectrum. We’re fortunate to have someone with Luke’s experience and skills on our team.” — Jeff Fryhover, President and CEO, Umpqua Feather Merchants

About Umpqua Feather Merchants

Since being founded in Glide, Oregon by the late Dennis Black in 1972, Umpqua has been an innovator in the fly-fishing industry. In creating the first-ever Royalty Signature Fly Tyer Program, Umpqua altered the course of the industry by making flies more readily available and affordable to anglers everywhere, while at the same time enabling designers to receive recognition and compensation for their creativity. Today, Umpqua has nearly 200 Royalty Signature Designers and has introduced hundreds of revolutionary, game changing fly patterns throughout the years. Umpqua’s innovations extend far beyond just flies, and include award-winning fly boxes, packs and vests; industry unique, ultra-effective tapers; and a comprehensive assortment of high quality streamside accessories, hooks, fly-tying tying materials, tools and more.

Umpqua’s headquarters are located in Louisville, Colorado.

For more information, please visit www.umpqua.com, or contact:

Luke Wennik, Marketing Manager
Phone: 303.567.6696, ext. 102
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