Tippets: Spotting Tarpon, Steelhead Survival Rates, The Angler’s Art

April 11, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • From reading pushes of water and bubbles to developing hypersensitivity to movement and shadows, Louis Cahill has great advice for spotting tarpon, which translates well to spotting other species too.
  • New research published in the journal BioOne shows that wild steelhead have a higher success and survival rate than hatchery-raised fish. “Juvenile wild steelhead are smaller than hatchery fish when they reach the ocean, but have a higher feeding success, are in better condition and grow faster than hatchery fish once they arrive in the marine environment.” Via The Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife News Bulletin.
  • In a fun throwback to “Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,” which once aired on PBS, a video episode posted on Franken Fly features fly fishing legend Dave Whitlock tying his pattern, Whitlock’s Sheep Minnow Streamer.