Tippets: Oldest Message in a Bottle, Colorado Street View, Muddy Your Flies

April 14, 2014 By: Erin Block

  • A postcard sealed into a beer bottle and thrown into the sea off Germany’s Baltic coast in 1913 was recently found by a fisherman, making it the world’s oldest known message in a bottle. Via NPR.
  • Google’s recent addition of The Grand Canyon in Google Street View has its obvious benefits and some sneaking concerns. Promoted as a way to raise awareness of the shrinking Colorado River, as Jonathan Thompson writes, “If they want to save the river, Google should do a Street View of the lower reaches of the riverbed, which is often dry, if far less magnificent.” Via Adventure Journal.
  • Before making your first cast to carp, make sure to “muddy” and wet your fly to disguise any artificial smells (especially if it’s freshly tied). As Joe Cermele explains on Field & Stream, carp have an amazing sense of smell and this one precaution can increase your chances for success.