Tippets: Patterns for Night Fishing, Jackson One Fly, Paiute Stream Restoration

September 15, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Whether you’ve entered dark waters before or are preparing for your first night fishing adventure, check out patterns and video instructions for two great patterns to take with. Via The Orvis blog.
  • The recent Jackson Hole One Fly competition held up against other years in fly-saving valor. Read more about the stories and event on the Jackson Hole News and Guide.
  • Intentional poisoning of eleven miles of Silver King Creek, a small High Sierra stream in California, aims to remove non-native rainbow and golden trout, making way for establishment of a Paiute cutthroat population. And while the restoration plan has federal agency approval, it is not without controversy, as Louis Sahagun explains in The Los Angeles Times.