Tippets: Endangered Spawning Grounds, Fly Box Field Tests, Jewelers for Bristol Bay, Line Marking Shorthand

  • A breakdown in communication and agreement between Greenland and the United States is endangering Atlantic salmon populations returning from their feeding grounds to spawn. In fact, they might not make it back at all. Monte Burke explains via Forbes.
  • If you are in the market for fly boxes to fill, from day to compartment to boat boxes, Ted Leeson provides a thorough overview of the choices available, via Fly Rod & Reel.
  • A group of 100 jewelers have come out in support of protecting Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine, even as it contains the worlds largest undeveloped gold deposit. “Pacific Northwest wild salmon are practically gone, and the jobs that depended on them are gone, too,” said Christina Miller, director of Ethical Metalsmiths. “EPA knows Bristol Bay is headed down the same road if they allow the Pebble Mine to move ahead. That’s why our member jewelers urge the EPA to keep toxic mine waste out of Bristol Bay’s waters.”
  • Changing lines can get confusing, but Louis Cahill (via Lefty Krek and Rick Whorwood) offers a great shorthand technique for keeping line weights straight.
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