Tippets: Salmon or Gold, Casting Resources, Water for The Everglades, Blood Sport

  • Like salmon returning to their run, Christopher Nicolson and his family migrate from Brooklyn to Bristol Bay. In a beautifully done film short highlighted by the Sea to Table blog via Huffington Post, read and watch their story and others.
  • If you’re trying to learn a new technique or brushing up on your skills for a new season, check out the reference list of resources put together by Marc Fauvet at The Limp Cobra.
  • The River of Grass is once again flowing into Everglades National Park after a highway, the Tamiami Trail, was raised using a series of bridges. “The park needs this water,” says Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg. Which now it has.
  • Editor of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, John Frazier, tackles the ethical dilemmas wrapped around chasing tarpon and the hard truths of trophy hunting and catch and release.
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