Tippets: Cherry Blossom Special, Carp Magnetic Alignment, Tips for Identification, Moon Cycles and Sharks

  • Taking the lead from Bob Scammell’s book on matching insect hatches with seasonal flowers, Neil Waugh finds that cherry blossoms signal a prime time for pike. Read more via Neil Waugh Outdoors.
  • While magnetic-field orientation has been studied in anadromous fish, for the first time it has now also been observed in carp. The findings on carp and magnetism from a team of researchers in the Czech Republic was recently published in the open access peer-reviewed journal PLOS One.
  • Determining the sex of a trout can be difficult.  However Kent Klewein gives some tips on what to look for around the mouth and fins to successfully make an identification.
  • Moon cycles impact how deep sharks dive, finds a new study from the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute. The research “could help prevent fishermen from catching the marine predators inadvertently.” Via Discovery News.
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