Tippets: Quill’s Storytime, Tip for Dying Feathers, Brown Trout Genetics

February 8, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • As caretaker of the Nonesuch Angling Club, Quill Gordon (aka Ken Hall) has accumulated a wealth of stories. And now he’s made them available in ebook format for Nook and Kindle. Check out Quill’s work: quality writing that never disappoints.
  • Traditionally complicated and messy methods of dying hackle have been simplified by Nick Sliwkanich on The Drag Free Drift. The secret ingredient? Kool-Aid.
  • Irish fisheries expert Martin O’Grady has revealed new research “set to transform conservation for decades to come,” writes Eoin Burke-Kennedy in Irish Times. The keys: using extensive genetic studies, identifying the importance of specific spawning grounds.