Tippets: Chico Fernandez’s First Tarpon, What Fish Think, Eric Stroup Podcast

February 5, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Fly fishing legend Chico Fernandez recalls the story of his first tarpon on the fly as both accomplishment and regret, via Hell’s Bay Boatworks.
  • With fluorescent probes of neuron activity, scientists have revealed the thoughts of fish. And as welcome news to anglers, it’s mostly about finding food. “In the future, we can interpret an animal’s behavior, including learning and memory, fear, joy, or anger, based on the activity of particular combinations of neurons,” says study co-author, Koichi Kawakami, published in the journal Current Biology.
  • Pennsylvania fly fishing guide and author Eric Stroup talks with David Darling on a podcast that covers everything from casting to seasonal flies.