Tippets: Techniques and Embellishment, Cowichan River Drying Up, Reviving Bonefish, Casting Champion Pamela Peters

  • Rocky Mountain Anglers shop manager and guide, Randy Hicks, shares his top tips for success on the water, as well as observations about the culture that’s grown up around fly fishing. Which “has a lot to do with storytelling. Embellishment, the one that got away.” Something he appreciates, says Hicks: “ “It’s almost like the cowboy theme of passing down of stories of secret fly fishing romances.”
  • After the driest fall on record, British Columbia’s Cowichan River is in danger of drying up, jeopardizing its salmon population. And with no water stored in the lake, says avid fisherman and conservationist Paul Rickard, “Now we’re facing potentially significant fish loss.”
  • Played and caught bonefish are often exhausted, and fall prey to baracudas or sharks who see an easy meal. Ricardo Burrows shares a technique for reviving these fish before release, on the Fly Paper Blog.
  • At prompting from casting champion Steve Rajeff, Pamela Peters began entering fly casting events. And now even years (and many awards) later, Peters still says, “it’s just a hobby.”

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