Tippets: Alaska Airline’s Salmon Jet, Surface Currents of the Great Lakes, Tips for Wading on the Flats, Alex Landeen Interview

October 12, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • After a year’s hiatus, Alaska Airlines has re-introduced its salmon jet to the ranks. Designed with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, it aims to promote “wild, natural and sustainable Alaska seafood.”
  • Redesigning a computer program originally for mapping wind, researchers at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Michigan have used the model for surface currents on the Great Lakes. Of potential use for boaters, fishermen, and the shipping industry, “I think a lot of people never realized how variable the currents are in the lakes,” says researcher David Schwab.
  • Bonefish often feed in shallow water, where they are the spookiest. Get some tips for stealthy (and successful) wading on the Deneki Outdoors blog.
  • It is very likely you’ve admired some of his photographic work, or read his wit on Fat Guy Fly Fishing. And in a recent interview with Trout’s Fly Fishing, Alex Landeen talks about why he loves his job, the Denver Carp Slam, and firearms.