Tippets: Classic Michigan Flies, High Cost of Free Water, How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot

September 25, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Northern Michigan has been the grounds of great and lasting development in fly design. Check out some of the classics, such as Griffith’s Gnat and the Strawman Nymph.
  • Brian Richter of The Nature Conservancy and University of Virginia writes about the high cost of free water, and why a price restraint might be necessary in the future: “It’s really painful to pay more for anything these days, but when it causes us to use less it can help everyone get through a shortage.”
  • Improving on the Rapala knot, Lefty Kreh developed the non-slip loop. Perfect for streamer fishing and better drifts. This is certainly a knot to add to your repertoire. Marc Fauvet offers a diagram and instructions on his blog, The Limp Cobra.