Missoula Boat Washing Station, Casting for Recovery Vises, How to Make Longer Casts

July 1, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • A first of its kind public boat washing station has been set up outside the Missoulian Angler fly shop. “Nobody is moving the stuff on purpose,” says Bob Whiltshire of the Invasive Species Action Network, “but we have to realize that without intending to, we can be the bad guy,”
  • HMH Vises has partnered up to donate a portion of proceeds from the HMH Standard Vise and the HMH Spartan Vise to Casting for Recovery and the good work they’re doing.
  • If you’re struggling with making longer casts, try stripping the line off the reel and straightening it first. “Casting a kinked and coiled line that’s been stuck on the reel for months, on the other hand, is about as efficient as trying to push a corkscrew through a straw,” says Krik Deeter. So take an extra five minutes or so before hitting the water, it will help your casting out.