Dry Fly Fishing Tips, Redfords Interviewed, Smallmouth With a Big Appetite, Perception of Beauty

June 28, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • The dry-fly fishing mantra is “cast long, drift short,” and Mark Raisler gives you more tips for success over on The Headhunters blog, just as dry fly season warms up.
  • Conservation is hip in Hollywood, but Robert Redford got involved before it was cool. In an interview with Outdoor magazine’s  Abe Streep, he and his son Jamie talk about their recent film “Watershed,” a documentary on the Colorado River.
  • A smallmouth with a big appetite for bluegill; in tail-first and terrified.
  • Does beauty really matter in the fish world, and do the beautiful have the upper hand in status and protection? Furthermore does beauty matter to the angler, dictating what they chase? Or, Kirk Deeter wonders, when all is boiled down is a tug really just a tug?