New Fly Fishing eBook: “Pulp Fly Volume 1”

March 25, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

Much like “an explosion of periodicals published on cheap paper brought new and unconventional voices to a wide audience” in the early 20th century, Pulp Fly: Volume 1, a collection of fly-fishing short stories and essays, sets out to do the same but through a different medium.  “Pulp Fly was created to offer a new venue for sporting topics, and for talented writers emerging and well-known; to circumvent the cumbersome and expensive process of print book publishing and take advantage of new technologies to reach new audiences,” according to the e-publisher’s website.

Alternative methods of publishing, whether e-publishing or self publishing, are certainly not a new thing in the industry.  However, they have not permeated the outdoor genre as much as others.  On January 30th, longtime fly-fishing media executive John Merwin asked: “Do Sportsmen Buy and Read eBooks?”  It is tricky to answer, but it’s not difficult to name Pulp Fly, with big names like Bob White (MidCurrent artist and writer), Bruce Smithammer (contributor of The Drake and Fly Fish Journal), Bjorn Stromsness (Bonefish on the Brain), and Matt Smythe (fishingpoet.com), one of the most ambitious projects yet.

Pulp Fly: V1 will be available at Amazon.com for the Kindle on April 1st, 2012, with other formats and distribution channels following. The price will be $4.95.