New Books: Oregon, Crime and the Pursuit of Wild Fish

December 23, 2011 By: Benjamin Clary

Just in time for Christmas, Bill Monroe of The Oregonian, reviews three books that are perfect for the angling bibliophile.  These aren’t your average fishing books, however.

Holding Lies, by John Larison, in the midst of a fly-fishing murder mystery, touches upon wild and hatchery steelhead and relationships both through blood and water.  Murder on Tillamook Bay involves the murder of a minister on the famous bay that the author, Mark Miller, a minister himself, enjoys fishing despite residing in Texas.  Outlaws in the Big Woods, by Joe Schwab, a retired Oregon State Police Trooper, is a firsthand account of “chasing dumb and dumber fish crooks that [Schwab] hit the forest and field to find poachers, druggies and a host of other interesting real people.”