Coolibar 2011 Sun-Protective Fishing Apparel

UPF 50+ Sunblock Fishing Shirt and Collar Clip Fishing Hat

Coolibar is offering three new products of interest to fly anglers.  The first is their UPF 50+ Sunblock Fishing Shirt.  Available in six colors, this shirt offers light-weight, full-length protection without excess bulk.  UV protection (UPF 50+) is built right into the fabric.  Retail price is $64, but it is currently on sale at Coolibar’s Web site for $49.

Coolibar also has two new hats for anglers to choose from.  The first is their UPF 50+ Collar Clip Fishing Cap.  This cap delivers maximum coverage without sacrificing comfort or performance.  Available in two colors, they’re also designed to stay on when the wind whips up.  This hat retails for $30 and as of this posting  is on sale at the Web site for $24.99.

The second hat is a UPF 50+ Boating Hat.  This hat was literally constructed to be on the water, with an over-sized, foam-filled brim. This boating hat offers reliable UV protection that won’t wash or wear off.  This hat is available in three colors and normally sells for $40.  It is also currently on sale for $29.99.

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