A Moonless Night and Three Billfish on Fly

February 27, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Swordfish slash with their swords

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On February 15, fishing off of the coast of South Africa, Con Jooste accomplished what may be a first in saltwater fly fishing — land broadbill swordfish, a marlin and a sailfish on fly in a single trip. The Saturday Nation tells why catching the swordfish is so difficult:
“This fishing is done on moonless nights, when the broadbill come closer to the surface as they are deep dwelling fish, and as soon as it was dark teasers were set out to attract the fish. They did not have long to wait, as at 7.30pm a strike was felt on a teaser and the angler cast out at the fish as the engines were cut, the cast having to be done when the boat is out of gear. The fly was immediately taken and, after a half-hour fight, the 25kg broadbill was brought to the boat, tagged and released.”

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