Rosenbauer on Tailwaters and Fishing "Junk"

January 15, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin


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In his latest podcast, Tom Rosebauer offers advice on tailwater trout fishing and specifically about fishing “junk” — worm, egg, and crustacean patterns — effectively.
“Crustaceans are very common because the water in a reservoir is typically richer in dissolved calcium ions, which crustaceans need to grow their shells. You’ll find both scuds and sowbugs. Scuds are the kind of laterally flattened freshwater shrimp, and sowbugs look like pillbugs that are flattened — like the little bugs you’ll find under rocks in your garden. Both of these things are common as well as crayfish, which look like a small, freshwater lobster. They get bigger, but the fish like them in their smaller stages.”

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