Padding the Fly Angler's Dream List

September 6, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Not quite satisfied with Monte Burke’s selection of the top ten trout destinations from Forbes magazine (see “Forbes List of Top U.S. Trout Towns“), west-coaster Mark Yuasa polls Leland Miyawaki, Don Wakamatsu (see Wakamatsu’s recent 17-pound salmon caught in Puget Sound), Matt LaBounty, Keith Robbins, and Peter Van Gytenbeek and comes up with dozens more great fly fishing destinations. “When he’s not making the lineup sheet for the next ballgame Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu is a fly-fishing fan at heart. In fact, he managed to take time off recently to hook a 17.2-pound hatchery king on a red and white clouser fly at a beach on the Kitsap Peninsula. Here are Wakamatsu’s picks: Seattle, Wash. (Puget Sound); Lyle, Wash. (Klickitat River); Provo, Utah (Provo River); Redding, Calif. (Pit River); Trinity, Calif. (Trinity River).” In the Seattle Times.
What about your choices? Any places you can think of that are obviously missing from any “fly fisher’s dream list?”