RIO Introduces Suppleflex Tippet for Better Presentations

I’ve long been a believer in softer leader materials, not only for knot strength but for superior abrasion resistance (sounds counterintuitive, I know). But you don’t often see a company focus on one of the more important advantages of softer materials, which is that a more supple leaders make drag-free presentations easier and enhance the appeal of flies that depend on soft fibers to attract fish.
RIO Products just announced a new tippet material designed specifically with natural presentations in mind. Suppleflex is soft enough that flies are less effected by “micro currents,” according to their press release. “Suppleflex is available on 30 yd (27.5 meter) spools in sizes 4X (6.1 lbs) to 7X (2 lbs). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $5.95.”
Read the press release in the extended entry.

RIO Products introduces Suppleflex™
IDAHO FALLS, May 2009 – RIO Products is proud to announce the launch of Suppleflex – a brand new, ultra supple tippet material for the fly fisher.
Suppleflex is strong, has excellent knot strength and is very soft when delicate presentation and drag free drifts are a necessity. Suppleflex tippet is soft enough that it does not impede the natural drift of small dries or nymphs even in the most subtle currents.
RIO’s leaders and tippet have a long reputation for high quality and reliability. RIO’s Powerflex® and Fluoroflex® Plus tippet are the #1 selling tippet and the #1 choice of guides in the U.S. Loyal RIO tippet fans will find that the Suppleflex tippet material is a valuable addition to their tippet arsenal.
Suppleflex quickly proved its worth when fished on the Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork, in Idaho, a river notorious for being finicky and the wary nature of its resident trout that are attuned to the slightest unnatural drift. With a multitude of micro currents, a supple tippet is essential for the fly to drift naturally. The RIO staff and product testers found that a far more natural drift and a greater success rate were achieved with Suppleflex tippet than with conventional tippet.
Suppleflex is available on 30 yd (27.5 meter) spools in sizes 4X (6.1 lbs) to 7X (2 lbs). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $5.95. Suppleflex is available from Authorized RIO dealers.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, or Zack Dalton, or check out the RIO Products web site at:

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