Tom Rosenbauer On Organizing Your Flies

April 19, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

In a new podcast, Tom Rosenbauer, author of several notable books on fly fishing techniques, describes how he organizes his dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and “prospecting” flies for trout, and includes suggestions for must-have patterns and types of boxes to store them in.
Excerpt: “I have lots of fly boxes and I store them in a drawer — not that I’m that organized, believe me. But I have my bass flies, and my steelhead flies and my various types of saltwater flies, just so that I can grab three or four boxes when I go on a fishing trip instead of having to take everything I own. Now there are some crossovers, of course. When I go Atlantic salmon fishing I might grab some steelhead flies, or when I am going steelhead fishing I’ll definitely grab my plastic Atlantic salmon flies box just because you never know when you are going to find some steelhead that are in the mood for a small, swinging fly.”