Gear Review: Monic's New FST Clear Floating Fly Lines

This week on MidCurrent, David Dalu field tests the new clear floating FST fly lines from Monic. Dalu — who by the way was the first person in history to win all three major Florida Keys tarpon tournaments in one season when he did so last year — took the Bonefish and Permit versions of the lines south and spent several days pursuing finicky fish. The verdict: the FSTs’ new hard finishes and tapers are a significant improvement.
Excerpt: “With the introduction of the FST series, Monic also improved the stiffness of the lines to prevent them from wilting in the heat, yet the line is easily stretched with just minimal pressure and does not coil excessively coming off the reel. The harder, slicker finish helps eliminate the tackiness caused by very hot, still conditions — a problem some complained about with earlier lines.”

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