Give Thanks By Giving Back

November 27, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

With the approach of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and on a day celebrated in the U.S. by giving thanks, it’s also a good time to be grateful for all that fly fishing gives us. Consider, as well, that not all giving needs to be done with a credit card. As fly fishers, we have a chance to give back to our sport and to the environment through simple acts of involvement: teaching kids about the natural world, taking “ownership” of a local creek, or, if you like larger-scale projects, raising money for groups who restore streams, support research or advocate for environmental responsibility.
This week we’re happy to have taken the first step — with the support of Patagonia — in building MidCurrent‘s guide to Fly Fishing Conservation. It’s just a start, but you’ll find the most current conservation stories culled from our daily news there, along with a growing library of videos, articles and tips for becoming a more responsible fly fisher. Be sure to check back for action updates and to discover new ways to ensure that the next generation of fly fishers enjoy the same bounty we’ve been blessed with.