New Video: Tying the Bimini Twist

October 28, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

New on MidCurrent: George Anderson shares a video from his new knot-tying DVD “Terminal Tactics for Fly Fishing.” He shows his preferred technique for tying the Bimini Twist, one of the more difficult knots to tie in fly fishing, but one of the very best at maintaining tippet strength. He also shows how to finish the resulting double line with a Surgeon’s Loop — an important feature for quick-change leaders in saltwater.
Excerpt: “I’m going to double over a loop in my hand and I’m going to make it about 18 inches long. I’m going to make 25 turns in this by just taking my fingers and rotating them around slowly. Now once I get the 25 turns in there, the tricky way to tie it is to put it over your knee. Now I’m going to grab the tag end, and the long end, and I’m going to pull on both of these and compress this so that the Y ends up down in here. But don’t go too far, or you’ll kink the leader.”