New Books: Galligan's The Clinch Knot: A Fly Fishing Mystery

July 28, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

The plot of John Galligan’s forthcoming mystery, after his well-received The Nail Knot and The Blood Knot, revolves around a murdered cow girl and the tortured fly-fishing protagonist Ned Oglivie (aka Dog). Publisher’s Weekly says “At the outset of Galligan’s stunning third Montana-set fly-fishing mystery (after 2005’s The Blood Knot), Ned ‘Dog’ Oglivie, a self-described ‘traveling drunk’ and ‘trout hound’ who lives out of his asthmatic 1984 Cruise Master RV, has befriended a jailed bull rider’s daughter, Jesse Ringer, and her black boyfriend, D’Ontario Sneed.”
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