Books: New Limited Edition Tribute to Roderick Haig-Brown

July 21, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Long-time Haig-Brown friend Van Gorman Egan has just published Shadows of the Western Angler, about Roderick Haig-Brown and his visionary writing and conservation efforts. From the description by Mark Hume in Canada’s Globe and Mail, this book sounds like much more than a simple tribute. “He writes of first meeting Mr. Haig-Brown on the river, of swapping flies and fishing stories – and he touchingly includes, tucked into a pocket inside the back cover – two hand-drawn maps his friend gave him, with X’s on the river to mark the spots where the trout lie.” There were only 1000 of the books printed, and they can be ordered only direct from the publisher, Campbell River Courier-Islander (email: [email protected]).