What Makes John Gierach Tick

July 6, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Jack Ohman did a fine interview with John Gierach when the author was in Portland, Oregon, recently. In it, Gierach says some suprising — and not surprising — things about how and why he writes. “‘I wish I could say that I had seen this cultural opening in fly fishing. And I wish I could say I saw the moment for a manifesto and wrote it. I didn’t. I just wrote the book I felt like writing. And it slowly, very slowly, but steadily got more popular. To this day, I think I wrote too quickly after “Trout Bum.” And for better or worse, it made me. I have great affection for that book. But I don’t think it’s my best book, by a long shot.'” In the Oregonian.