Coco Chanel's Fishing Tips

June 10, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

While Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel continue to market the preposterous — in this case a £9,170 Chanel rod and set of Chanel flies, “complete with the famous ‘double C’ logo on the gossamer wings” — The Guardian‘s Simon Mills uncovers this bit of advice given to Coco Chanel on Norway’s Alta by a fishing buddy of her then-current beau, the Duke of Westminster: “Coco explained her problems to him and received the soundest possible advice suggesting that she should draw inspiration from the sky. ‘When it’s clear and bright, tie on a Silver Doctor. When dark and overcast, use a Black Doctor‘ … As a result, on several occasions she landed more salmon than His Grace.”
We’re guessing that a wise choice of flies — with or without logos — still produces more fish than the world’s most expensive fly rod.