Bosnian Fly Fishing Team Left High and Dry

March 20, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

According to the organizers of the World Fly Fishing Championships, “Members of the Bosnian Fly Fishing Team, who have been in New Zealand for 10 days practicing for the world fly fishing champs next week, have learned that may not after all be able to compete. The organization running the championships, the SFFNZ (Sports Fly Fishing NZ) has just heard that the Bosnian fly fishing federation has refused to pay the team’s entry fee to the competition. The Bosnian anglers team are said to be stunned at this unexpected news as they have laid out a small fortune getting to New Zealand and cannot afford to front up with the $9750 entry fee. SFFNZ is working with the FIPS secretariat to see if they can resolve this matter before the check-in deadline which is Saturday 22nd March.”