Great White Tagging: "Like Fly Fishing, Only With Seals"

We mention this story only because it reminds us of a real page-turner about Farallones shark research we read last spring — Devil’s Teeth, by Susan Casey. Great white sharks are fascinating creatures, and one of the few top-of-the-food chain animals that make humans vulnerable in the wild. As Gordon Smith writes in the San Diego Tribune, scientists are learning much more about the habits of California great whites than they’ve ever know before, such as the fact that in spring and summer many of them migrate to distant waters that are so deep that light cannot penetrate. “A three-member team operates from a boat only 18 feet long – the same length as some of the sharks being tagged, [tagger Sal] Jorgensen said. ‘It’s like fly fishing, but instead of a tiny little mosquito imitation (as a lure), we use a seal imitation made out of carpet,’ he said.”
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