Green River Land to be Auctioned Friday

As we noted in July of last year, plans to allow a Georgia developer to build a fishing lodge on a select parcel of land on the Utah’s Green River drew opposition from several conservation groups (see “Green River Development Controversy Continues”). This Friday the land is up for auction, and it appears that both the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and private parties are planning to bid. ” Here is a great deal for land speculators and it has nothing to do with Florida swamps or the Brooklyn Bridge: 364 scenic acres along the Green River will be auctioned Friday for a minimum bid of $1.25 million. The only hang-up: The buyer may not have access to the land.” Christopher Smart in the Salt Lake Tribune.
For more information on the parcel that is for sale — the only potentially private land in the entire river corridor — check out the Utah Trust Lands Web site. (Thanks to reader John Weis for help with this story.)

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