Video: Charles Meck and Eric Stroup Tie Flies

I received a copy of the new 2-DVD video “Practical Fly Patterns That Catch Trout” (109 minutes, $39.99) from Tightline Productions last week and have viewed only about half of the content, but what I’ve seen is impressive, especially the great close-up video of these two experts tying and talking about the various “must-have” patterns for eastern U.S. streams.
Most fly fishers know Charles Meck as a prolific and respected author on the subject of flies and fly fishing techniques (if you want a great introduction to the distribution of insect types in U.S. streams, his The Hatches Made Simple is the book for you). Eric Stroup is a highly respected central-Pennsylvania guide. My favorite takeaway from the video so far is seeing representatives of two generations of expert fly fishers discussing the whys and wherefores of fly choice while fishing Pennsylvania’s classic trout streams.

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