Rajeffs OLN Fly Fishing Masters Winners

October 17, 2003 By: Marshall Cutchin

Steve and Tim Rajeff’s four trout (the maximum number allowed) from Depuy’s Spring Creek in the Paradise Valley south of Livingstion, MT, measured a total of 62 inches. They were caught on #22 Baetis and midge imitations using 7X tippet.
If you’ve ever fished this creek with tiny flies, you’ll understand why the Rajeffs would fish it better than almost anyone: it’s not unusual to have to fire a 70- or 80- foot cast and land the fly within inches of your target to get a grab. This is true only on certain sections, of course, but those certain sections seem to hold the most fish. I’ve watched another incredible caster, George Anderson — owner of the Yellowstone Angler in Livingston — pluck them out seemingly at will, but most other anglers don’t even try.