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Tying a Hendrickson Comparadun

Producer: Richard Strolis  |  Catching-Shadows

“This high-riding pattern that rides flush in the film is a time-tested dry fly that should take a place in everyone’s fly box. The Comparadun can be altered in color and size to cover just about any mayfly hatch. This particular variation is for the Hendrickson Mayfly but can do double duty for any darker-colored mayfly.

Hook: Barbless Dry Fly, Size 12-16
Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown
Tails: Dun Micro Fibbets
Wing: Dark Elk, or Comparadun Elk Hair
Body: Caucci Spectrumized Dubbing

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  • Steve Zakur

    One of the best “dry fly” patterns out there. If you’re a fan of parachute patterns, you need to check out Comparaduns. All the low riding features of the parachute with higher floatability and more bugginess.