Tying a Hendrickson Soft Hackle

Producer: Richard Strolis

“When it comes to sub-surface patterns, soft hackles are overlooked by many. Most fisherman think that soft hackles and wet flies are meant to be fished exclusively in the film or upper part of the water column, but in actuality they’re deadly fished deep. Most of the mayfly nymphs I tie and fish these days are in the round and modified versions of several soft hackles/nymph patterns combined. Dead drifted, actively nymphed or on the swing, these flies work very well in a variety of situations.”

Hook: Barbless Wet or Dry Fly Hook, Sizes 12-16
Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown
Tail: Brahma Hen
Body: Caucci Spectrumized Dubbing
Rib: Oval Gold Tinsel
Collar: Brahma Hen