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How to Tie Craig Mathews’s Zelon Midge

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Matt Grobert ties the Zelon Midge authored by famed West Yellowstone fly shop owner and guide Craig Mathews. To change color, simply change the color of your threasd. Try them in sizes from 18 all the way down to a 24.

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  • Wayne

    Great tie Matt….use these in Jersey and they work great . Saw a video from the Blue Ribbon site and started to tie them with a little orange post to help see them better.

  • Matthew Grobert

    It should be noted that Craig Mathew’s ties this pattern using his zelon dubbing for the thorax, a mix of rabbit and zelon. I believe he also uses a whole strand of zelon for the shuck and wings.

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  • BH206L3

    I been tying these since the mid 1980’s when I first ran into Matt and Blue Ribbon Flies at the Suffern Show in NY around 1984 or so. quick easy and above all cheap to tie. the most expensive part of the whole fly is the hook. They work well when midges are about. As for seeing the fly, well I put a toff of Orange Wool on the leader at the tippet knot, the apply floatant from there to the fly line, any fish that rises with in the distance of my tippet I just life the rod, 9 or of 10 time I will have a fish on. Oh and I don’t cast far, either.I have old eyes now and I still hook more than my share of trout on the small flies. Over the years my fly boxes have morphed into pretty much no fly that takes more that 3 min to tie.