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How to Tie a Mop ‘N Glo 2.0

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “A full year has come and gone since I produced a video on how to tie the Mop & Glo, and I figured it was time for a few minor updates to the pattern. So, this is it, the Mop & Glo 2.0. It has double the fish-catching goodness of the original and will, no doubt, generate twice the amount of negative response from traditionalists. Anyway, here goes.”

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  • BH206L3

    Like the Green Weenie, I have never tied or fished a Mop and Glow, but for some odd reason there is a dozen of each in my fly boxes too! And you are right about the Stocked Rainbows! They just will not leave it alone! With November here and its getting colder, flies like this and a few others will be the main stay for my fishing till almost March!

  • Fred Rickson

    Negative, negative….you said you wanted twice the negativity, so there you have it. Best to you….and, just maybe, it’ll be my new leech pattern.

  • Dave C.

    Tim, your original Mop ‘N Glow pattern works on the Madison, the Yellowstone, the Soda Butte, and other southwestern Montana waters that are not stocked. So I will tie up the Mop ‘N Glo 2.0 with a lot of confidence. The original will keep a place in my fly box, however, simply because sometimes a modest jigging action works better than a dead drift, and the original does that well. Thanks for all your good patterns.

  • Bob Morse

    where can I get the “mop” material? This is such a simple fly to tie that even I could tie it.