How to Tie a Mop Hopper

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “This is my version of the Mop Hopper. It doesn’t require specialized foam cutting tools, pre-cut body parts or really any material that’s out of the ordinary. The mop abdomen not only adds to the fly’s realism but, as you’ll see, also helps it to float.
To start, I’m going to use a size 8 Lightning Strike NH7 nymph/hopper hook. I really like the look of the ring eye on this pattern.
For thread I’ve loaded a bobbin with a spool of UTC 140 Denier in fluorescent green. Get your thread started on the hook shank behind the eye and take a few wraps rearward before snipping off the tag. Continue taking wraps to completely coat the hook shank. End with your tying thread halfway between the hook point and the barb.”