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Nothing Beats a Stetson

Sure, if you’d rather wear a plastic hat rather than a $400 Silverbelly Stetson, be my guest, says Don Moyer in the Manteca Bulletin.  But don’t go crying to him when you have to put a fire out or when your … more

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“Tom Rowland’s New Fly Fishing Video Game”

They say it’s a joke.  We know Tom, who’s co-host of The Saltwater Experience when he isn’t testing the latest Wii remotes, and we’re not so sure.

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Video Hatch (Humor): “San River Snake Surrender Cast”

The gentlemen from Jazz & Fly Fishing turn their JazzCam on to capture the complex “Snake Surrender Cast,” which we’ll no doubt be seeing on American rivers next season.

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The Tubing Menace

A reader (a real one, no doubt) pings author and fly fisher Matt Labash on the possible solutions to “the tubing menace” and gets back a response that includes Labash’s opinions on what should happen to tubers who treat trout … more

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Video Hatch: “Extreme Fishing Alaska”

Yesterday Zach King, a film student in Los Angeles, CA, sent us this video that he produced while on a recent trip to Kodiak Island in Alaska. No, there aren’t any fly rods present, just a young guy with production … more

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Church Words and Guadalupes

Neuces River guide and outdoor writer Lefty Ray Chapa recounts tying flies with the retired guys in the church basement and the different sort of atmosphere that comes with six-foot rattlers on a Texas trail.  “Golf is very similar to … more

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Hooks Vs. Looks

“‘Would you have some brandy, whiskey or marijuana to help me numb the pain first?‘ she asked.  Richard piped in and said we were far too old to have the latter, but he happened to have some brandy for the … more

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Video Hatch: “Shadowcasting in Bartelva” (Humor)

Nevermind that he actually catches a fish. The only thing that matters to this “shadowcaster” is that his Funky Chicken Swordfighting and Cowboy Rodeo 360 Behind the Head Jousting styles look good.

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Video Hatch: “Give That Man a Bells!”

Visual effects company Condor Cape reminds us (some of us) why casting accuracy is so important after all. Their new commercial for Bells Whiskey features a fly fisher, a be-goggled moped driver, and a handful of very thirsty gentlemen.

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What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

In the Calgary Herald, Robert Remington writes that since men are not very far removed from Cro-Magnon-like behavior, fly fishing lessons and hunting gear are far more appropriate gifts than barbeques or ukeleles.  “Camo is the new black, or anything … more

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