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Video: How to Tie a WD-40 Plus

“It’s really just a regular old WD-40 but with a split wing case and an emergent wing,” says Tim Flagler of this week’s featured pattern, which he calls the WD-40 Plus.  Notes Flagler: “A single CDC puff is used to form …

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Video: How to Tie JC’s Electric Caddis Larva

Tim Flagler demonstrates the steps for tying John Collins’s Electric Caddis Larva in this week’s featured tying video. “Although it fishes well year round,” says Flagler, “it’s particularly effective during the winter months when trout have been known to gorge themselves on the naturals …

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How to Tie a Micro Egg

Looking for a fun, easy-to-tie pattern to experiment with this holiday season? Try the Micro Egg.  “A couple of years ago, friend and regional guide Keith Gardner turned me on to fishing super small eggs and, pardon the pun, I’ve been …

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Video: How to Tie a Micro Caddis Larva

Any small caddis larva is a great starter pattern for new tiers.  This week Tim Flagler offers tips on how for novices and experts alike as he shows the steps for tying a Micro Caddis Larva.

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How to Tie a Zelon Musk Midge

Tim Flagler reveals his Zelon Musk Midge, a pattern that uses only two materials other than thread, in this week’s featured tying video.

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Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

Humility, wonder, optimism, friendship.  Those are just a few of the things we think of when we recognize what fly fishing has given us during this season of thanks-giving. The staff of MidCurrent hopes your holiday season begins with good … more

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How to Tie the Carey Special

The Carey Special is the subject of this week’s featured tying video.  Tier and videographer Tim Flagler says of tying this classic pattern: “The Carey Special is an old, easy, effective and, perhaps most of all, versatile pattern.”

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Jack Charlton’s Personal Fly Reels Up for Sale

MidCurrent just got word that a set of very exclusive fly reels is for sale at The Angling Company in Key West, Florida. Jack Charlton began his career in precision aerospace machining in 1965 in the Los Angeles area and founded … more

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Is the Bahamas on the Verge of Doing the Right Thing for Anglers?

At the 6th Annual Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, US-based ad agency Admirable Devil sponsored a lively panel discussion titled “Bonefish and the Bahamas.”  Beau Beasley updates his previous reporting on Bahamian angling regulations with new information suggesting that the ambiguity … more

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How to Tie JC’s Electric Steelie Stone

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie John Collins’s Electric Steelie Stone in this week’s featured tying video.  

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