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“Whoosh” Cannon Helps Separate Hatchery and Wild Salmon

A device originally designed to move apples without bruising them is now being used in Washington state to help separate hatchery salmon from wild salmon.  In their video coverage, CBS News reports that the “salmon cannon” may also be used … more

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How to Tie a Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph

Tim Flagler ties a “turbocharged” version of the tried-and-true pheasant tail nymph in this week’s featured fly tying video.  The Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph is easy to tie, can be dressed in a variety of colors, and has proven itself in …

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Ottawa Hero Gives Thumbs Up to Fly Fishing

When Canadian parliament sergeant at arms Kevin Vickers was applauded on his return to work today, he was greeted by a standing ovation and a suggestion from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to let him go fly-fishing on the Miramichi, … more

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Why Is a Swordfish’s Sword So Strong?

Turns out that remodeling–the same process used by mammals to repair bone–happens somewhat differently in rostral bone of marlin and swordfish (their “sword”).   In mammals, two different types of cells are responsible for strengthening damaged bone.  The swordfish, researchers … more

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How to Tie the Squirmanator

“A salute to the delicate interweaving of fur and feathers, it ain’t,” says tier and videographer Tim Flagler, but The Squirminator does have the makings of a great choice for one-fly competitions.  Tim demonstrates the steps in tying this “cyborg” …

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How to Tie Jack Gartside’s Sparrow

“Jack Gartside’s Sparrow is a fly that, in general, represents a whole bunch of things fish like to eat but not really one thing in particular,” says videographer and fly tier Tim Flagler. This week he shows the steps for …

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How to Tie a Devil Bug

The Devil Bug can be tied in a variety of styles and colors.  This week Tim Flagler shows how to tie a version that is pretty close to Gary Borger’s orginal design, conceived as an adult caddis imitation but useful in …

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How To Tie an October Caddis Soft Hackle

Marking the beginning of the end of big bug season, the October Caddis or Great Autumn Brown Sedge gives fly fishers one more opportunity to tie and fish a larger, colorful pattern.  Tim Flagler shows how to tie an October Caddis Soft …

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How to Tie the Iso Iso Baby

This week’s fly tying video features Tim Flagler’s Iso Iso Baby, a knock-off a Doug Swisher pattern. Tim’s design converts Swisher’s Parachute Madam X into a high-floating Isonychia imitation.

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Tying a Multi-Color Brahma Bugger

Tim Flagler is back with a second version of the Brahma Bugger–this one tied with multiple colors at the suggestion of Whiting Farms’s Tom Mullen.  ”This is quickly becoming one of my favorite streamer patterns,” says Flagler.

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