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"A Mayfly Fortnight"

Charles Rangeley-Wilson crosses the channel to fish the hatch of an oversized mayfly in the Normandy countryside. “In planning this fishy escape I emailed Adrian and Hedy, English owners of the French manoir at my back, wondering whether Gallic mayfly … more

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Fly Tying Video: R-F Caddis

Richard Strolis ties an R-F Caddis in his tying video for the week. “I have always been a big fan of the X-Caddis and the shuck hanging off the back,” says Strolis. “…I combine that with hares-ear style dub with …

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Video Hatch: Jim Harrison Reads "The Signs"

“All local waters over your head:” a line of the poem “The Signs” — about signs that tell us what not to do — read by Jim Harrison to the audience at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico … more

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John Merwin on Old-Fashioned Wet Flies

Field & Stream columnist and MidCurrent editorial board member John Merwin talks about fishing small, traditional wet flies in early spring: “I fish wet flies for trout often because I like the tradition and enjoy doing it. This could mean … more

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"Poet of the Wild" John Haines Dies

John Haines, who created memorable poetic images of wilderness living in the 20th century, died last week at the age of 86. In The New York Times, Douglas Martin says Haines’s “experience hunting, trapping and surviving as a homesteader in … more

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Tippets: American Angler's Gear of the Year, Gear of the Year 10,000 (BC), Gear of the Future?

American Angler magazine publishes their “Gear of the Year – 2011” on Gear of the Year 10,000 BC: scientists find 12,000-year-old fishing tools in the Channel Islands off of southern California. Michael Gracie packs for the Bahamas FIBFest, toting … more

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Video Hatch: "The Lapland Jam"

Music won’t come from the open end of an aluminum rod tube — unless you put it in the hands of the Jazz and Fly Fishing crew, back to entertain us with another “lesson” on stillwater sight fishing.

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Tying with the Good (Old) Stuff

The most entertaining part of this story about how found materials are being put to new use is a quote from Jeremy Nelson about the fly tier’s skill: “Trout fishermen are a small, inbred breed.” He’s referring to tiers like … more

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Video Hatch: "El Agua de Franco" (Cuba)

A video short on bonefishing in Cuba, produced by Sharptail Media.

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WSJ: What Is "Sustainable" Seafood?

At a time when Costco is taking even some wild-caught fish off of its shelves and Safeway is training fish-counter employees on the meaning of “sustainability,” Wall Street Journal writer Sarah Nassauer says that defining what is “good” for fish … more

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