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Travis Sylvester

Travis Sylvester is an artist and fisherman from Salt Lake Valley. His friends influenced him to get reacquainted with the outdoors in his mid-30s, and turned him on to the sport of fly fishing. After catching many beautiful trout from Utah’s backcountry, he was inspired to dust off his colored pencils and start drawing again. He now spends the majority of his spare time drawing, working on fly fishing skills, learning the art of fly tying, or creating digitally enhanced versions of his artwork. In 2010, his “Bonneville Cutthroat” drawing won two honorable mention awards at the Utah State Fair; in 2011, his “Rainbow Reflections” won first place.

All images copyright © 2018 Travis Sylvester
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  • Derek DeYoung

    Awsome work Travis! I’m very impressed, I love the detail you achieve with the c. pencils.

  • Drgeorgep

    These are really gorgeous drawings and paintings.  It is rare that I appreciate the “art” impressions of the real thing, but Travis, you have done a spectacular job!  Thank you,  Dr. George Patterson, Fly Fishing Seminars

  • Travis Sylvester

    Thanks for posting my work MidCurrent, and thanks for the compliments as well. There are some amazing and very talented artist on this site and I am proud to be a part of it.  

  • Nschmott

    Awesome picture Travis, the detail is terrific, you’ve brought the trout to life!

  • Kyle Zempel

    Travis, your work is outstanding!