Artist Tyler Hackett

Tyler Hackett

“Equipped with an ink roller in one hand and a fly rod in the other, I enjoy creating pieces of art and finding places to drift a fly in and around my home waters of the mountain west.  I have been interested in both art and fishing for as long as I can remember, and get a lot of satisfaction from combining the two.  Making art through hands-on printmaking processes is important to me, and relates directly to the art that is fly-fishing.  Time spent on the water, casting flies relates directly to time spent in the printmaking studio. Both require patience, thoughtful repetition, and attention to detail in pursuit of well-earned rewards.

I live and work in Salt Lake City Utah, with my wife and two young sons. When I am not fortunate to be out on the water or otherwise exploring the outdoors with my family I can be found working on prints in my backyard studio. Visitors are always welcome.”

Tyler Hackett Art